Today, and for more than 20 years, Liberia is being deforested by slash-and-burn agriculture, driven by rural poverty. By offering employment, affective smallholder programs and making degraded land productive, we hope to slow down and even stop the deforestation in the country.

Productive Agriculture

Productive agriculture is vital to ensuring Liberian food security, poverty reduction and rural economic growth and development. As a key component of its Poverty Reduction Strategy and program for economic revitalization, the Liberian Government encourages direct investment in the agricultural sector and investments to build the economies in the Southeastern counties of the country.

Sustainable oil palm development will be a central growth pillar in rebuilding the Liberian rural economy and reducing poverty. It will not only provide income and create employment for the rural people; oil palm investment will also bring infrastructure, education and healthcare to the communities and lift the overall standard of living.

Golden Veroleum Liberia intends, in accordance with a concession granted by the Government, to develop, using sustainable methods, to develop, with local communities, Oil Palm in the Southeastern Liberian counties of Sinoe, Grand Kru, Maryland, River Cess and River Gee. In doing so, Golden Veroleum expects to provide more than 40,000 direct jobs; support Liberian smallholders in developing up to 100,000 acres of Oil Palm; build manufacturing and value-added industries; and create a vibrant and substantial new economic sector for Liberians. Employees and their families will receive housing, training, education, medical services, electric power, clean water and other benefits.

The development challenge will be approached with world-leading experience stemming from Southeast Asia, combining the Liberian peoples familiarity with the Oil Palm, gained over the past hundreds of years, with the latest methodologies and technologies.

Sustainable Development Together with Communities

Golden Veroleum is committed to a vision to develop the Oil Palm sector in Liberia, and doing so in a sustainable manner. We wish to ensure a responsible and respectful balance between the needs of human development and that of preserving the valuable natural resources and the country’s environment. Our investment and land selection, conducted together with local communities, have and will carefully preserve original forest, bio-diverse areas, sacred and community lands.

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