This policy sets out how GVL may accquire and use timber for construction and other lawful activities within the Concession Area. It also sets out what GVL and its employees may do, in compliance with the law, the Concession Agreement and GVL's Forest Conservation Policy, in order to conserve demarcated HCS/HCV areas and buffer zones.

GVL operates close to some of the most important wildlife habitats in Liberia, and which are home to many important and protected animal species, such as chimpanzee ("baboon") and Jentink's duiker. Although GVL carefully avoids disturbing these habitats, some of them are threatened by hunting, logging and farming. GVL, our employees and contractors, have a responsibility to contribute to the conservation of Liberian wildlife and biodiversity.

This Hunting Policy serves to meet that responsibility and to reinforce National Law against the hunting of Protected, Endangered, Rare or Threatened species as defined by Law and in the IUCN Red List.

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is dedicated to a policy of equal opportunity for all media vendors, printers, publishers, suppliers and agents ("Vendors"). Consistent with GVL's communications strategies, effective media target audience planning, and efficient media buying practices, GVL policy is to grant equal opportunity to all such media Vendors.

The Golden Veroleum Ethics Policy reflects the high standard of business conduct representing what is the hallmark of our organization. Our Ethics Policy helps define our commitment to support a culture of openness, fairness, trust and integrity in all we do. We are committed to conducting all of Golden Veroleum affairs and activities with the highest standards of ethical conduct. All of us have an obligation to adhere to this policy and encourage others to do the same. We must dedicate ourselves to pursuing our mission with honesty, fairness and respect for the individual, ever mindful that there is no "right way" to do the "wrong thing."

Our aspiration is to be the global leader in deforestation-free palm oil production. Our Forest Conservation Policy and associated safeguards, coupled with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Principles and Criteria, provide a solid basis for us to meet and exceed the increasing demand for zero-deforestation palm oil.

GVL has established a Social and Community Engagement Policy for its oil palm development in Liberia, consistent with its Concession Agreement and the SCEP of GVL's principal investors.

With this policy, GVL aims to improve the lives of people, and in particular those living in local resident communities, through its palm oil business development.

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