Can I get a copy of your concession agreement?

Yes, a full copy of our concession agreement is available on our website at Additionally, you may contact our communications office and request it be sent to you via email.

How does GVL communicate with its staff?

We provide a quarterly internal electronic newsletter to all company employees with a Golden Veroleum email address. We also provide update information when employees log onto their accounts and post information on bulletin boards located on our farms. In addition to this frontline managers brief their staffs on a regular basis.

How does GVL inform the community of its activities?

Our Community Affairs Teams regularly meet in the communities to inform and update the local citizens where we operate on our activities. The Communications Team also briefs Monrovia-based groups on GVL activities as well. In addition to this we recently launched a new website with all our releasable information which may be of interest to local communities, government officials, NGOs and those who may have a general interest. This information includes a full copy of our concession agreement, regular GVL updates, news releases, articles, video and much more. Those interested in more detailed information or discussion may contact our Communications Department. Additionally, we participate in a bi-weekly radio show, New Dawn Liberia, on Farbric Radio in which we update the communities. The show is syndicated on Voice of Sinoe and Voice of Grand Kru radio stations in order to keep the communities in the counties better informed on GVL activities.

Where may I find information of GVL?

You have several options, you may contact our Communications Department directly, visit our website at, visit our Facebook page which is updated several times per week or send us a direct email with your question, comment or request. Emails may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Additionally, you may contact any of our Community Affairs teams, whose function is to engage with local communities in the county.

Can you provide me contact information for one of your employees?

Due to employee privacy concerns this is something we cannot do. However, you may email your request to our communications office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it will be forwarded to the employee you wish to contact. It will then be the decision of that employee to contact you directly.

I want GVL to advertise with my company. How can I gain your business?

Forward an up-to-date rate card to the GVL Communications office. We will input your information into our database and advertise based on company needs. The only way to obtain GVL advertising is to submit a current rate card.

I would like to schedule a trip to one of your sites. How can I do this?

You have to make a request though the company communications office detailing your topic and what you would like to see. While we do not make guarantees for media visits, we will do our best to accommodate your request, bearing in mind that operational needs of running a large farm do take priority. You will be required to attend a general company briefing at our Monrovia office prior to being scheduled for any media visit. Your request may be forwarded to our communications office email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Are you concerned that community members and/or advocacy groups might undertake a public campaign to shame the company or your investors into divesting?

We can only extend an olive branch to any organization wishing to engage with us. Our policy is one of transparency and to provide information on our projects and activities. While we cannot control what others say, and do not desire to do so, we have made it policy to work with those with a sincere desire to improve the lives of the Liberian people.

Our position is that education, training and employment are the key factors in improving the livelihoods of the Liberian people. To that end we would encourage any organization to sit and discuss both things that we may agree upon and things, which we may have, differences. In other words, our door is always open.

Do you think the company has been treated unfairly in the press?

We believe in freedom of the press and as such also believe that the press has a right to print, publish or broadcast as they wish. We realize that the modern Oil Palm industry is something new to Liberia. Our policy is to improve information and communication about what we actually do and how we operate. We would encourage the press however to seek accurate information prior to disseminating stories. Our Communications Department is available to give updates on company activities as well as organize media tours to our operational areas so that media can speak to those on the ground and obtain first-hand knowledge.

What documents are available if I want to know more about GVL and how it operates?

Send your request to our communications office via email and you can be forwarded our:

  • Free Prior Informed Consent guidelines
  • GVL Important Things to Know guide
  • Full copy of our concession agreement
  • Other info, provided it is publicly releasable

Additionally, you may download all the above documentation, news releases, photos, article and more on our website at

Do you provide regular updates on your activities? If so, where may I find them?

Yes, we provide updates which may be found on our website ( Simply go to the “About Us” section and you will find the link the GVL Updates. Additionally, the updates may be read on the first and third Monday of every month in the Daily Observer, New Dawn, Front Page Africa and Insight newspapers. We also publish our updates on our official Facebook page at, and our official LinkedIn page at

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