What are the educational benefits you provide?

GVL is providing annual scholarships of USD 100,000 to agriculture students. These scholarships have benefited more than 1,400 student terms so far. Priority for these scholarships will be given to local students hailing from the counties in which we operate. GVL also offers vocational training, for example: certificates in heavy equipment operation and transferable skills in mechanical and construction trades, adult literacy and numeracy.

Employees’ children are provided free schooling from kindergarten through to sixth grade. As our operation grows we will construct a high school. These facilities shall be made available to other local children when possible. Currently we operate one of the largest primary schools in Liberia.

What is the GVL Scholarship Plan?

As part of our support for education in Liberia we provide annual scholarships for Liberian or other educational support to appropriate agricultural schools with preference to students from our areas of operations.

In what areas of study are GVL scholarships granted?

Scholarships are being offered to students studying agriculture at the following Liberian institutions:

GVL scholarships are administered through the Liberian Ministry of Agriculture, not directly by GVL. The first step for students is to apply for GVL scholarships through their educational institution.

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