What is GVL doing to safeguard the environment, particularly in relation to development in forest areas?

We take our environmental protection responsibilities very seriously and are committed to developing the Oil Palm sector in Liberia in a sustainable manner. We wish to ensure a responsible and respectful balance between the needs of human development and that of preserving the valuable natural resources and environment of the country. We proactively exclude and will not develop in any original forest or high bio-diversity areas. We adhereto the RSPO’s principles and criteria in regards to management of High Conservation Value (HCV) areas.  As a indirect investee company of Golden Agri Resources, (GAR), we also adhere to GAR’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), which applies to all farms GAR invests in regardless of stake. In line with this policy, GVL will not develop in areas defined as having High Carbon Stock.

What species of Oil Palm seed do we use?

We use seeds that have the best known properties for Africa, including high yields and tolerance for African Oil Palm diseases, especially against vascular wilt sickness, which typically kills approximately 40% of West African palm trees.

Will GVL spoil and pollute our water?

No. In the first 1-2 years, water can sometimes become muddy and less clear in some places. It is like building a house – there are many things going on while the house is under construction. As at any construction site when land is developed, machines move and bridges are made, so there may be a runoff in the creeks and streams during the first 1-2 years. GVL will make plans and safety zones to avoid this, but it can happen. After the new palm trees are planted, there is usually no problem. We also plant something what we called “cover crops,” which should quickly bring protection for the ground. When there is danger of water muddying, GVL will plan to build wells, even with hand-pumps if there are more people, to make safe water available. If a problem happens, we will work with you to remedy it. 

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