FDA Rubbishes SDI Claims Of Planned Forest Destruction
Daily Observer, 19 Jul 2016
By Edwin M. Fayia III

The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has taken serious exception to claims made by the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) in an open letter from Goldman Prize Laureates about an alleged FDA plan to develop a regulation allowing the destruction of Liberia’s forests. An FDA statement issued and circulated during the weekend to reporters in Monrovia was signed by Public Affairs and Communications Director, Anthony Fallah Vanwen. The SDI initially claimed that such a regulation contradicts the Liberian government’s pledge to reduce deforestation and forest degradation as evidenced by its signing of the New York Declaration on Forest in 2014. Other legal instruments that the FDA continues to forge include Liberia Voluntary Partnership (VPA) with the European Union (EU) and the Letter of Intent with the Kingdom of Norway.

The FDA statement also condemned an article that accompanied the letter on July 11, and published in a local daily in Monrovia. The statement said the National Forest Policy of Liberia mandates the FDA to sustainably manage the forest resources. “We would therefore not venture into activities aimed at destroying the country’s rich forest,” the statement argued. The statement further noted that the Golden Veroleum Liberia concession and their host communities engaged the FDA on the utilization of the affected timber extracted areas that had already been agreed on for oil palm development. “Reviewing our mandate and various laws governing the forest sector, we identified that there was no legal framework to support the commercial utilization of timber extracted from agriculture and other land based concessions,” the statement asserted.

Click here for GVL's Response to SDI's Claims

Liberia: Butaw Citizens Withdraw Complaint Against GVL
Inquirer, 7 Oct 2015
By Jefferson D. Tweh

MONROVIA - The Butaw Welfare and Development Association (BWDA) of Butaw District, Sinoe County has officially withdrawn the letter of complaint that was lodged against Golden Veroleum Liberia Incorporated in 2012 which resulted into imposing sanctions on GVL operations in Butaw District since 2012.

In their of withdrawal, the group said, "In furtherance to this, we the complainants with the consensus agreement of the entire citizenry of Butaw District and or Abloteh and or Butaw citizens, do hereby withdraw this complaint previously submitted by the Butaw communities to the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) against GVL and specifically referring to the complaint submitted by the communities of Greenville, Kpanyan and Butaw District of Sinoe County through Green Advocates on 3rd October, 2012," the citizens stated.

According to the citizens, they are withdrawing the complaint because of the steady discussion and progress the people of Butaw and GVL are making and they are of the conviction that by withdrawing the complaint, employment, peace and development will prevail, and if things are not done to the expectations, they will not hesitate to inform them.

"We sincerely express gratitude to you for the special attention and emphasis placed on our situation that brought about the involvement of The Forest Trust (TFT) and others and believe that it was your strong and prompt advocacy that paved the way for a genuine dialogue between us, (the Butaw citizens and the management of Golden Veroleum Liberia, "citizens expressed joy.

Meanwhile the citizens of Butaw have congratulated President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the great intervention made in Butaw District, Sinoe County. 

For full article click here: http://allafrica.com/stories/201510071960.html
For a copy of the letter click here: Butaw Complaint Withdrawel Letter

RSPO Panel Vindicates GVL
Insight, 29 Sep 2015

MONROVIA – The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil recently issued its final report on complaints filed against Golden Veroleum Liberia by various advocacy organizations since the company’s investment in the country. In the report the RSPO Complaints Panel addressed long-standing claims of illegality of the GVL concession agreement. According to RSPO the concession the Liberian Legislature passed agreement and it allowed GVL to operate in a manner that is in conformance with the RSPO Principles & Criteria.

Click here for full Insight Report

Brown Debunks Global Witness ‘Snake Oil’ Report
Liberia News Agency, 30 Jul 2015

MONROVIA, July 30 (LINA) – Information Minister Lewis G. Brown has refuted reports by the advocacy group Global Witness that the Government of Liberia is involved in unwholesome acts such as confiscating private lands for use by concessionaires. According to Minister Brown, the report which was dubbed “Snake Oil,” referenced specifically Golden Veroleum Liberia, owner of the biggest palm oil plantation in the Southeastern region, as being aided by government to terrorize citizens in signing away their lands. The Information Minister termed the report as “inaccurate and contrary” to government’s vision of ensuring and guaranteeing land ownership and the rights of land tenures for the people of Liberia. Addressing the Ministry of Information regular press conference Thursday, Brown noted that the Government “strongly rejects any notion that there exists anyone, anywhere who cares for its people more than the government itself.” “We are not just caring for the people, but we act upon our care and that is why notwithstanding the passage of any concession agreement, the government has maintained at the highest level that concessionaires must go back to the people and negotiate with them,” Brown stressed. He also debunked another portion of the Global Witness 'Snake Oil' report which asserted that the people of Liberia lack the mechanism, the will or the capacity to express their grievances either through their representatives or local leaderships to the government. “We reject such claims and such inference; ours is not just a safer and freer environment but we have deliberately worked on the structure of our governance model so that it is made increasingly responsive and tolerant,” Brown emphasized. According to the Information Minister, “it is unjustified and unfair to suggest such premise,” noting that “such saying does not synchronize with the existing realities in the country.”

GVL Begins Rehiring Former Employees
Executive Mansion Release, 28 Jul 2015

Greenville, Sinoe County - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has announced that Golden Veroleum-Liberia (GVL) has agreed to begin rehiring former employees laid off as a result of the May 26 incident there; granted Executive Clemency to three inmates at the Sinoe County prison and announced the venue of the next two Independence Anniversary celebrations which is the duration of her administration.

GVL Debunks Global Witness Report
All Africa, 24 Jul 2015

Golden Veroleum Liberia has strongly refuted allegations contained in a Global Witness (GW's) report regarding its operations in Liberia. GVL says it recently met with Global Witness in London to respond to 20 draft assertions submitted to the company for comment ahead of the report publication. We are highly transparent in all our operations and have repeatedly invited local and international NGOs to work with us. In the past few months a number of prominent national NGOs have begun engagement with GVL, including developing agreements in principle for these NGOs to monitor our community engagement practices", a release issued by Golden Veroleum Liberia reads. The release further clarifies that all activities that GVL did undertake during this period were done whilst taking necessary Ebola precautions, which included community briefings, providing latex gloves, protective gear, buckets and disinfectant, Ebola prevention posters and other appropriate literature. "We are proud of the fact that as an early and active member of the Ebola Private Sector Mobilisation Group (EPSMG) and also through our direct activities on the ground none of those who lived in the communities where we operate and none of our 3,400 employees contracted Ebola".

GVL Employs Over 90 Liberians
New Dawn, 3 Jul 2015

Golden Veroleum Liberia on Monday, June 29 hired 60 Liberians at its Po–River farm site and 32 others at its Ylatwen community farm in Wedabo, Grand Cess County Administrative District, totaling 92 Liberians employed this week in Grand Kru County. The move by the company is in line with a memorandum of understanding signed with both communities. According to the MOU, signed on August 22, 2014 with Po–River community, GVL is to employ approximately 200 community residents. A press release dated June 30 issued in Monrovia said, the new employees, who started work effective July 1, 2015, will benefit from fresh hand basic training in oil palm and sustainable development as part of a career development plan as GVL advances towards production stage in southeast Liberia. This is the second employment since the palm oil developer started operations in PO-River, while Ylatwen community’s employment marks the first batch of locals employed by the company.

Golden Veroleum’s Harmon Receives Credentials from Indonesian Ambassador
GNN Liberia, 26 Jun 2015

Indonesian Ambassador, Harry Purwnato and his wife Lili recently concluded a visit to the headquarters of Golden Veroleum Liberia. During the visit the ambassador presented GVL’s Vice President for Government Affairs, Harry Harmon with credentials solidifying his status of honorary consul for the Republic of Indonesia in Liberia. As honorary consul, Harmon will strengthen bilateral relations in areas of cooperation, particularly in areas of trade and socio-cultural relationship with both governments. While at the GVL headquarters office, Ambassador Purwnato also met with Indonesians citizens working for GVL, as well as Equatorial Palm Oil.

GVL Donates L$504,000 to LISOP
New Dawn, 25 Jun 2015

Golden Veroleum Liberia or GVL has presented a check for L$504,000 or its equivalent of US$6,000 to the Liberia Surgical Outreach Program or LISOP, a non-governmental and non-profit organization in the country. GVL says the donation is the company’s way of identifying with LISOP that is buttressing efforts of the Liberian government in undertaking projects in the country. Speaking Wednesday, 24 June in a Monrovia suburb of Sinkor during a formal presentation ceremony of the fund, GVL Head of Corporate Communication, Virgil Magee, said the assistance is part of the company’s developmental initiatives in Sinoe and Grand Kru - the two counties in which it operates. Magee noted that this is not the first time GVL has assisted the group, noting that the company has been supportive of all projects and activities undertaken by the organization in both counties. Golden Veroleum Liberia is an oil palm company operating in southeast Liberia involved oil palm cultivation. The company has embarked on many projects in the two counties, including building community roads, schools and providing jobs.

‘As a government, we cannot allow a few people to undermine the interest of this country,’ President Sirleaf; Government to Respond in a Very Effective Way
Executive Mansion Release, 27 May 2015

Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has expressed serious displeasure at the news of the vandalism and looting of properties at Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) in Butaw, Sinoe County on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. “As a government, we cannot allow a few people to undermine the interest of this country; to run investors away and to make sure that we do not attract what we need to achieve our development goals,” the Liberian leader pointed out. According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader said government will respond to this in a very effective way. President Sirleaf was addressing journalists at the Roberts International Airport upon arrival from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire where she participated in the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the African Development Bank. She indicated that her government cannot continue to go out and attract investment to create jobs, and others engage in violence that scare away investors.

Sinoe County Association In Americas and Innovative Education Liberia Visit Golden Veroleum Liberia School System
GNN Liberia, 20 May 2015

A four member delegation from the Sinoe County Association in the Americas, Ambassador Enterprise and Innovative Education Liberia recently ended a multi-day visit to Liberia, including a day trip to Golden Veroleum’s Wakefield Nursery in Sinoe County. According to Professor Gary Friesen, who leads Ambassador’s educational technology programs, the visit was part of a long-term plan to help improve the educational system in Liberia. Under the Ambassador proposal, the potential for the program could positively impact in the Liberian Southeast. The pilot program will focus on students in grades 5-12, providing access to critical skills while improving mathematics using laptops, tablets and other digital resources. Running from 2015-2016 academic year, Ambassador and IEL will partner with five schools in Sinoe, including the Golden Veroleum School System, to benefit more than 600 students and 20 teachers, while an independent evaluation will provide a proof-of-impact and allow for program refinement for greater impact during the scale up phase. When the program is expected to be completed in 2020 nearly 120,000 students are expected to have passed through the program, which is projected to be in 700 Liberian schools and trained by 2,800 teachers.

GVL Oil Mill: Welcoming News After Ebola in Liberia
Front Page Africa, 19 May 2015

When news broke last Thursday that the Asian Oil Palm giant Golden Veroleum Liberia had signed a US$20.984M contract for the construction of its Oil Palm Mill in Sinoe County, the south-eastern region shook awakening to the dawning of a new era in the agriculture sector of post-war Liberia. Both citizens and overgrown palm trees could be seen through an imaginary microscopic lens waving their branches in gratitude as the company approaches its production stage, though it faces mounting challenges ranging from land to human capital. Being ushered in on the eve of Liberia’s Ebola freedom, the duo news presented a stage for a double celebration, especially when not a single case was reported on the company’s facilities during the 142 days of national tragedy.

GVL Oil Palm Mill Expected Soon
GNN Liberia, 7 May 2015

Golden Veroleum Liberia signed a Letter of Acceptance with Malaysia-based Modipalm Engineering Sdn Bhd for the construction of its Tarjuowon Palm Oil Mill and Greenville Bulking Station.  The contract, worth upwards of 21 million USD, is expected to be completed by 2017 and will employ several hundred Liberians during construction and approximately 150 Liberians in industrial processing when in full operation. Currently, GVL employs approximately 3,700 in the South East of the country. “What we want to do is continue that number upward as we grow with the help of the communities,” said GVL Spokesman Stephen Binda. “The mill and bulking station will certainly help with that and ensure Liberia will have its own processing capabilities, which in essence means that there are products made in Liberia by Liberians.”

Forest Peoples Requested to Provide Answers
GNN Liberia, 27 Apr 2015

London-based Forest Peoples Programme recently issued a report in which it claimed elements of Liberian concession agreements to be illegal. The report titled “Harmful Social and Environmental Impacts of Liberia Palm Oil Project Exposed” looked into palm oil company Golden Veroleum Liberia’s activities in the local communities of Grand Kru and Sinoe County. In a press release sent to GNN the NGO claimed that GVL’s procedures regarding Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) were highly inconsistent with relevant standards, including the Principles and Criteria of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and its parent company GAR’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). Despite its commitments to meeting high social and environmental standards, GVL’s track record of engaging with communities in its concession area shows a continuing disregard for FPIC and other social obligations in practice, while questioning whether such palm oil projects can ever be FPIC compliant.

Grand Kru: GVL Revamps Five Schools, Donates Materials
Front Page Africa, 27 Mar 2015

Grand Kru County – Golden Veroleum Liberia has completed rehabilitation works of five major Elementary and Junior High Schools in Grand Kru County, elevating over one thousand five hundred students who had earlier sought learning refuge in makeshift structures. A release from the company said the project, which worth thousands of dollars are part of a social agreement signed by the citizens and GVL on October 21, 2013. The facilities based in Trembo, Zoloken–Grandcess Wedabo administrative districts, include the Geneken, Gblabroken, Newaken, Zoloken, Newaken and Sorroken Elementary and Junior High Schools. In furtherance to the revamping of the institutions, GVL has also provided over 100 school desks to school authorities in the area. At the unveiling ceremony, GVL Senior Manager of Sustainability, Ofori Lartey, said GVL stands to be measured on its eight key values which include the ending of rural poverty and bringing long term prosperity, education and health to communities.” “We are fully committed to the commitments in our MOUs signed with communities, and we will continue to work with the communities in developing their land,” he added. Acknowledging GVL’s effort, the Vice Principal for Administration of the Zoloken Elementary and Junior High School and Chairman of the Zoloken Community Representative Committee (CRC), Mr. Peter Jeh, praised the company for the refurbished facilities. “You’ve made an historic difference in the lives of citizens of Zoloken communities,” Mr. Jeh told company officials. “For taking our children from under makeshift structures into modern classrooms, we applaud GVL for that.” Jeh further admitted that the presence of GVL in the area has changed the economic environment of community dwellers citing the pavement of feeder roads, rehabilitation of schools, hand pumps, as well as vast employment of citizens.

GVL Employment Climbs Over 4,000
TLC Africa, 19 Mar 2015

MONROVIA - Recent employment of over 46 persons in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties puts Golden Veroleum Liberia employment base at a little over 4,000 Liberians being employed so far in the country, the company has announced. The company in a release said the move is in fulfillment of a pledged made earlier this year that it would employed additional 1,000 Liberians in 2015. The release quotes GVL Spokesman Stephen Binda as saying that employment is still ongoing. The company said of the total new recruits, 24 hails from Nitrian Community in Kpanyan District, Sinoe County, while 22 originate from Ylatwen, and Wedabo-Grandcess Administrative District Grand Kru County. Of the new hired, the company also employed a professional medical practitioner to cater to health needs of employees in Sorroken, Grand Kru County.

Golden Veroleum Liberian Workforce At 4,000 By 2016
Liberian Observer, 19 Mar 2015

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is set to increase its workforce to more than 4,000 Liberians by 2016, Mr. Stephen Binda, head of GVL’s local communications, told journalists yesterday at a local restaurant in Monrovia. “Presently we have employed 3,501 Liberians and that figure will increase to over 4,000 by 2016,” Binda said, and explained that GVL is set to complete a mill that will produce palm oil products in Tarjuowon, Sinoe County. Liberians who resided in the company’s areas of operation can rest assured that their interests are paramount to GVL, Binda said adding that the company wants to accelerate the economic progress of Liberians who are employed with GVL.

GVL Dedicates Over US$70,000 Road
GNN Liberia, 4 Feb 2015

Over 1,000 residents and business traders of Jacksonville, Tarjuowon Statutory District took to the streets this week in jubilation during a dedication of a six-kilometer road constructed by Golden Veroleum Liberia, a first of its kind in history. The road links both Sonnuhn to Jacksonville towns, and provides a conduit for easy access for travelers emanating from surrounding communities. With smile beaming on their faces, the road project valued at over $70,000 dollars will serve Sonouhn Town, Jacksonville, Unification city, Bestnewlue and Shaw David town among others.

GVL Presents US$100,000 Cheque to MOA
New Dawn, 28 Jan 2015

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) has presented a cheque for US$100,000 to the Ministry of Agriculture as scholarship funds for university students studying Agriculture. The presentation was made over the weekend at the Ministry of Agriculture office in Gardnersville, outside Monrovia. Presenting the cheque on behalf of GVL, Compliance Manager, K. Emmanuel Yarkpazuo, said, the company hopes that funds allotted for Agriculture students are used for the internal purpose. He said GVL will continue to work along with the Government of Liberia, especially the Agriculture Ministry to achieve its goal of educating more Liberians in the Agriculture sector. Receiving the cheque, the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Florence Chenoweth, thanked the GVL family for its kind work over the years. She said some of the students benefiting from the scholarship, who have earned their Master’s, will be sent for PhD studies and then Liberia will have Junior Scientists in Agriculture.

GVL Promotes Two Female Liberian Staff
Liberian Observer, 18 Dec 2014

The Management of Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) has promoted two female Liberian staff to administrative levels. Miss Brenda Howard and Miss Isaline Kollie were promoted to the positions of Administrative Manager and Administrative Assistant respectively, on December 1, 2014. They are both stationed at GVL's Monrovia office in Sinkor.

Indonesia-Trained Liberian Engineers, Chemists Return
Liberian Observer, 15 Dec 2014

Several Liberian engineers and chemists returned home last Thursday after completing specialized and intensive training in Jakarta, Indonesia. The training was sponsored by Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), which will employ the nine engineers and chemists in the operation and maintenance of farms, factories and mills it intends to establish here in the near future. 

Henri Oliver Harmon Appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Indonesia
Liberian Inquirer, 25 Nov 2014

Honorary Consul, Henri Oliver Harmon, has received his letter of Exequatur from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Indonesia in Monrovia Liberia. As Honorary Consul, Mr. Harmon will strengthen bilateral relations in all areas of cooperation, particularly in areas of trade and socio-cultural relationship with both governments.

Ebola Private Sector Mobilization Group Formed to Fight Ebola
All Africa, 9 Oct 2014

Monrovia — Corporate and commercial firms have banded together to better coordinate efforts to eliminate Ebola in Liberia. The group, calling itself, the Ebola Private Sector Mobilization Group (EPSMG), recently formed with the intent to support the Government of Liberia and the Liberian people during this time of crisis.

President Sirleaf Names Diverse Groups to Multi-stakeholder Steering Group of LEITI
Executive Mansion Release

Monrovia, Liberia - In accordance with Section 1.3(f) (ii) of the EITI Standards, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has appointed a broad spectrum of diverse groups to the Multi-stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) of the Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (LEITI). According to an Executive Mansion release, those appointed include: Golden Veroleum Liberia’s Vice President for Government Affairs, Mr. Henri Harmon, representing the agriculture sector.

Companies Fill Gaps in Ebola Response
All Africa, 7 Oct 2014

New York — When United States Ambassador to Liberia Deborah Malac needed help last month to support the arrival of international health workers, she turned to a private-sector group that had already inventoried their resources for a coordinated response to Ebola. Malac told the corporate group that teams from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization needed to get to southeastern Liberia, a largely undeveloped region of forests and rivers, far from most basic services. Finding safe accommodation posed a problem, and communications, transportation and logistics could also be difficult, she said. The response was swift: Within hours, David Rothschild, executive director of agribusiness firm Golden Veroleum Liberia, which has palm oil operations in the country's southeast, offered housing he described as clean but "rudimentary" in two counties, Sinoe and Grand Kru.

Golden Veroleum Welcomes New Liberian Conservation Initiative
In Profile Daily, 26 Sep 2014

The Liberian Government recently signed a pledge with Norway to work toward a complete stoppage of deforestation by 2020. Under the agreement Liberia will become the first nation in Africa to do so. The management of Golden Veroleum Liberia supports such a decision and views it as a valuable step in preserving the nation’s diverse rainforest through no deforestation policies and sustainable development.

GVL Provides Hand Pumps, Healthcare in Sinoe
The Inquirer, 24 Sep 2014

The Vice President for Operations for Golden Veroleum Liberia Inc. (GVL), Viganeswaran Ponnudyrai says that the company is willing to go beyond oil palm production by contributing to the social welfare of Liberians throughout the country. Mr. Ponnudyrai made the disclosure recently when the company donated US$10,000 to rehabilitate ten hand pumps in nine communities in the southeastern region of Sinoe County.

11 CEOs Want More From Global Community
Liberian Observer, 10 Sep 2014

The chief executive officers (CEOs) of 11 companies operating in the Ebola-affected countries within the West African sub-region have observed that a larger coordinated global effort is required to tackle the Ebola virus outbreak in the region. African Mining Services ArcelorMittal, Aureus Mining Inc., Dawnus Group, Golden Veroleum Liberia, Hummingbird Resources Plc, IAMGOLD Corporation, London Mining Plc, MonuRent, Newmont Mining Corporation and Randgold CEOs observed on September 8, 2014 the global community has a strong track record in responding to natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes.

GVL Ebola Awareness Roadshow in Major Sinoe Communities
New Dawn, 9 Sep 2014

In addition to several awareness campaigns to minimize the spread of Ebola in its concession communities, Golden Veroleum Liberia on 5 Sept kicked off an Ebola awareness roadshow in Sinoe County. The roadshow, which began with the Grigsby Farm community, will cover five additional communities in Butaw including David Town, Tuoh, Compound, Snogbay and Bloah. According to GVL Occupational Health and Safety Officer William Tweh, the film shows aimed at see community dwellers for themselves those affected by the Ebola virus, its signs and symptoms, and damages caused to the lives of Liberians and to the Liberian economy."We want to make sure our affected communities are convinced that Ebola is real. We are showing the Ebola films usually during the evenings when residents return from their farms and work sites.

Eleven CEOs Welcome Obama's Statement
The News, 9 Sep 2014

Eleven companies operating in Liberia and other West African countries have welcomed the pronouncement by U.S. President Barack Obama that the U.S. military will help in the fight against the Ebola virus.The CEOs who signed the statement include African Mining Services John Kavanagh, General Manager for African Operations; ArcelorMittal Lakshmi Mittal, Chairman and CEO, Aureus Mining Inc David Reading, CEO Dawnus Group; Bob Jones, Managing Director Golden Veroleum Liberia; David Rothschild, Director Hummingbird Resources Plc, Dan Betts, CEO IAMGOLD Corporation, and Stephen J.J. Letwin, President and CEO London Mining Plc. Other are Graeme Hossie, CEO MonuRent; Tony Carr, CEO Newmont Mining Corporation; Gary Goldberg, President and CEO Randgold Mark Bristow, CEO.

Duwolee Nyennue Township Presents MOU Input
New Dawn, 3 Sep 2014

Citizens of Duwolee Nyennue Township comprised of traditional leaders, including, women's groups, youth and elders, 25 August, in Panama Town; presented their MOU inputs to oil palm developer Golden Veroleum Liberia. In a special meeting, with more than 200 in attendance, the Township Commissioner Ramsay Snoh on behalf of his citizens presented the inputs to GVL Kpanyan Estate Regional Controller Manohyaran Pillai.

Po-River Chiefdom Signs Mou for Economic Development
New Dawn, 3 Sep 2014

Citizens of Po-River Chiefdom and Golden Veroleum Liberia on Friday, 22 August 2014, signed a provisional memorandum of understanding and social agreement in Grand Kru County at the bank of the Trehn River. By affixing their signatures and thumbprints to the agreement, the citizens officially signified their desire to build development in their areas. The MOU allocates more than 3,000 acres for oil palm development.

Butaw District Nominates Development Fund Committee
New Dawn, 2 Sep 2014

Citizens of Butaw community in Sinoe County, recently nominated new officers to administrate its Community Development Fund with Golden Veroleum Liberia. Under the terms of the GVL Concession Agreement, Community Development Funds are to be formed in agreement with local communities. In line with the provisions of Article 19 of the Community Right Law of 2009, the establishment of the CDF Committee is to institutionalize sustainable community financial management which will empower local communities engaged in social infrastructural and development.

Golden Veroleum Liberia Sees Short-Term Disruptions From Ebola
Bloomberg, 4 Aug 2014

Golden Veroleum Liberia, a palm-oil producer in the West African nation, said it expects its business operations to be disrupted in the short-term because of the Ebola outbreak “We are operating normally; although will be somewhat impacted by restrictions introduced by the authorities and by carriers on international travel,” Virgil Magee, a spokesman for the palm-oil producing company, said in an e-mailed response to questions. The worst outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea has killed more than 800 people since March. Golden Veroleum has increased screenings for the illness at its two farms in southeast Liberia, an area not affected by the disease, Magee said. The company is curtailing domestic and international travel for non-essential staff, he added. “There may be short-term disruptions, but we anticipate and hope for minimal impacts, particularly given our locations of operation,” Magee said. “For the medium- to longer-term, we do not have any concerns of impact on the business.” Golden Veroleum employs about 3,400 people in Liberia and has one office in Monrovia, the capital.

Sinoens Get Free Medical Care - Through GVL and Partners
New Republic, 24 Jul 2014

Golden Veroleum Liberia made a cash donation to professional medical association, the Liberian Surgical Outreach Program (LISOP), 23 July 2014, for an upcoming campaign in Sinoe County. On behalf of LISOP, Executive Director, Dr. Lawrence Sherman, graciously accepted the donation intended to provide free medical care to Sinoe residents. The GVL donation follows an earlier funded campaign in Grand Kru County, also funded by GVL, in which more than 150 local residents received professional medical care. 

GVL to Donate to Surgical Outreach Program
New Dawn, 24 Jul 2014

Golden Veroleum Liberia will be making a follow up donation to the Liberian Surgical Outreach Program (LISOP), for its ongoing campaign to provide better healthcare to rural communities. The check presentation will take place at the GVL Monrovia headquarters office today, 23 July 2014, at 3:00 PM. Accepting the check on behalf of the LISOP will be its Executive Director, Lawrence Sherman, MD. Previously contributions made by GVL included its donation for a medical campaign in Grand Kru, which took place at the Rally Time Hospital.

GVL Ends Community Media Workshop
New Dawn, 21 Jul 2014

Golden Veroleum Liberia has partnered with two key media training organizations to build the capacity of local radio stations in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties, with a communications train-the-trainer program in Monrovia, 16-19 July. According to a press release issued by GVL in Monrovia, participating media outlets include Voice of Sinoe, Voice of Grand Kru and Voice of Pleebo community radio stations. Additionally, select staff members of Farbric FM, based in Monrovia were invited. "Media is very valuable in Liberia and we consider a structured approach to helping build capacity from within," said Virgil Magee, GVL Head of Corporate Communications. "The workshop seeks to strengthen the unique identity of community radio stations as platforms for providing facts to the population, while building broadcast cohesion between media outlets."

‘We Welcome GVL’, Sinoe Citizens Tell RSPO
Liberian Observer, 16 Jun 2014

More than 60 citizens from Sinoe County gathered to cheer and inform visiting members of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) on their desire for increased developmental investment from Golden Veroleum in Tarjuowon Statutory District, Sinoe County. “We see this as an important step in reducing poverty in the area,” said Patrick Saydee, Chairman of the Tarjuowon National Congress, and others who had gathered Friday, June 13th in Congo Town. “In November last year, we all gathered and decided as a people that this was what we wanted, and in February we reaffirmed that vote. So we now want GVL to continue proceeding,” Chairman Saydee said.

Liberia's Road Out of Poverty
Business Excellence Magazine, 7 Jun 2014

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is developing a sustainable palm oil industry in West Africa, at once meeting growing global demand and lifting a nation out of poverty. GVL's aim is to address the real problems of Liberia. The country is losing up to two percent of its forest cover every year, not thorough palm cultivation but through poverty. Some 70 percent of the population is involved in slash-and-burn farming. Despite efforts to introduce more sustainable ways to live off the forest, poverty is the biggest threat to biodiversity, leading to illegal logging, mining and burning charcoal as fuel. And with the breakdown in society following the conflict years of the 1990s there are few jobs available so 80-90 percent of the population depends on the forest.

Deputy Minister for Instruction at Education Ministry visits GVL; Applauds GVL for its Numerous Contributions to Education in Liberia
All Africa, 6 Jun 2014

Hawah Goll-Kuchi, Deputy Minister for Instruction at the Ministry of Education has lauded Golden Veroleum Liberia for its numerous contributions to education in Liberia especially Sinoe County. Madam Goll-Kuchi believes Liberians will benefit more from the operation of GVL. Minister Goll-Kuchi says with the provision of scholarships, institution of a school system and sending of Liberians abroad for advance studies are plausible explanation of what GVL is doing for Liberians. Hon. Goll-Kuchi used the medium to inform GVL Management about the new plan for the construction of schools in Liberia.

Samuel Morris Scholars Program: An Unforgettable Impact
Foundation for Learning Equality, 22 May 2014

With limited resources and only nine coaches, a group from Taylor University made its way to Butaw, Liberia, in partnership with the Golden Veroleum Liberia Elementary School. For this deployment, the goal was to have a four day mathematics workshop for the students in order to examine the effectiveness of KA Lite in rural Liberian schools.

GVL Sponsors Career Day in Barclayville
New Dawn, 14 May 2014

Golden Veroleum Liberia is please to invite the general public to its first Career Day, to be held 15 May 2014, at 11:00 am at the Barclayville City Hall in Grand Kru County. The objective of the program is to assist prospective senior secondary school graduates in making informed career and educational decisions prior to enrolling in university.

GVL Scholarship Students Arrive
Liberian Observer, 4 May 2014

Seven students who received engineering scholarships from Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) have arrived in the country from Indonesia. The students were given a warm welcome by officials of GVL Tuesday, April 29, at the company’s main office in Monrovia. Speaking at the occasion, the manager for career and education programs at GVL, Jean Hannah Thompson, said that the students have returned for a short break after going through six months of studies in Indonesia. According to Madam Thompson, the students were given the opportunity last year to undergo advanced training in engineering. “We are pleased to welcome you back to Liberia from your brief period of studies. Since you obtained the opportunity to learn in Indonesia, we have received positive responses on your studies from our partners. We did not make any mistake in selecting the seven of you,” she proudly informed the students.

Sinoe Residents Praise GVL
Liberian Observer, 28 Apr 2014

In the wake of accusations that Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is engaged in land grabbing, some residents of Sinoe County have come to the company’s defense, thus dismissing the claims. Those citizens in defense of GVL said the company always negotiates peacefully with locals on the acquisition of land to develop oil palm. Two eminent sons of the county, Patrick P. Saydee and Reverend D. Lassanah Seequah, who are both members of the Torjuowon District National Congress (TNC), made the disclosure at a press conference recently held in Monrovia. Addressing a cross section of reporters, the chairman of the TNC, Mr. Saydee, clarified that GVL acquired land through consultation with the people in the community. “It is untrue that residents of Sinoe County are not interested in GVL’s investment. We want to make it clear the claims of some citizens saying that the company is wrongly influencing Sinoe’s people to acquire land for its operations are absolutely wrong,” he asserted.

GVL Meets With Worker Union in Sinoe
New Dawn, 28 Apr 2014

Golden Veroleum management has met with workers union of the company to discuss a way forward on key issues concerning future development and worker desires, in Butaw, Sinoe County. A press release from GVL said during the discussions management committed to working with the union to address current and future request. GVL has made it a matter of policy to engage with the union and work with the Ministry of Labor to ensure a productive and fruitful relationship with its employees while bringing development to the area.

GVL's Cadet Makes Impossible Possible in Liberia
New Dawn, 25 Apr 2014

"I got a feeling that I could serve my people and country better and in a bigger capacity after completing GVL's Engineering Training Program in Indonesia. I am excited that my professional capacity is now developed to the extent where I'm better positioned to contribute to Liberia's growth and development" Theophilus A.T. Kambo - GVL's Cadet Engineer.

To Develop Oil Palm Plantation: Grand Kru Citizens, GVL Sign MOU
Liberian Observer, 23 Apr 2014

Citizens of Garraway Administrative District in Grand Kru County have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) for oil palm development. The MOU was signed on Tuesday, April 15, in Garraway district. The signing was attended by nearly 500 citizens of the district, the communication specialist of GVL, Virgil Magee, has disclosed. According to the MOU, GVL will construct schools, clinics, hand pumps, houses, rehabilitate roads, and create employment opportunities among other things, to improve the living conditions of the people. With consultations and community engagements, GVL would operate on approximately 1,870 hectares (or approximately 4,621 acres), according to the MOU.

Students In Sinoe Benefit From Mathematics Seminar
Liberian Observer, 6 Apr 2014

Several students from the Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) primary school and the Sinoe Public High school as well as private school in Sinoe County yesterday concluded a four day seminar that trained the participants in mathematics courses. The training workshop was conducted by the faculty and student-teachers from an American-based Taylor University in collaboration with the Sinoe County Association of America (SCAA) and GVL.

GVL Not Involved In Land Grab: Sinoe Resident Dismiss Allegations
Liberian Observer, 22 Jun 2014

Citizens of Numopoh District in Sinoe County on June 16 met with members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), to dismiss claims of land grabbing and other claims made by activist groups against oil palm company Golden Veroleum Liberia. The gathering included members of the United Nations Mission in Liberia Civil Affairs (UNMIL), Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU), and a cross section of Nomopoh district residents, including youth and women’s groups, elders, clan and paramount chiefs. The RSPO Technical Director, Salahudin Yaacob speaking at the meeting said the mission of RSPO is to engage all stakeholders in the process of oil palm cultivation, with the goal of investigating claims against the company. “We are not members of GVL, but rather GVL is a member of the RSPO an international organization responsible to monitor concession companies in line with internal standards. You are free to objectively give your positions through your representatives,” Yaacob, informed the locals at the meeting. Earnest Karmoh, an elder said “We the citizens do not have any problem with GVL because they are involved in holding meeting with the youth, women to get land and expand their plantation”.  “The roads are improved, jobs created and children are supported in school. This information or complaint made to your organization by NGOs and individuals is false and intended to keep us in lasting poverty,” Rev. Fred Pennoh added.

GVL Constructs New Bridge in Trembo
New Dawn, 21 Apr 2014

Golden Veroleum Liberia on Wed., 16 April, completed construction of a new bridge over the KorlohBridge in Trembo Administrative District located in Grand Kru County. The construction of the bridge is in response to a recent request made by citizens of the district to replace the old one. Prior to the construction of the new bridge, the Korloh River overflowed, during raining seasons, and restrained commuters from conducting normal businesses for prolonged periods. The bridge, which links, Newaken to Sorrokenis made of steel and wood and covers a span of 23 meters by six meters and will have a lifespan of 15 years.

Garraway Citizens, GVL Sign MOU
New Dawn, 17 Apr 2014

Citizens of Garraway Administrative District Grand Kru County signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Golden Veroleum Liberia for oil palm development at Garraway Beach on Tuesday, 15 April 2014. As part of the MOU, GVL will construct schools, clinics, hand pumps, build houses, rehabilitate roads, run adult literacy programs and give preference to citizens of Garraway Beach for employment opportunities in the area. 

American Educational Consultant, Donates Books to GVL Butaw School
New Dawn, 17 Apr 2014

An American Educator, Elizabeth Johnson on Tuesday, 15 April 2014 donated a consignment books and sports equipment to students at the GVL School at the company's Wakefield Nursery in Butaw. During the turning over ceremony Ms. Johnson expressed gladness over her presence in Sinoe County and her involvement with the GVL school system. Some of the books donated came from the public library system in Wurster, Massachusetts, while the footballs were donated by the American football club FC United.

GVL Rehabilitates Behwan - Garraway Beach Roadway
New Dawn, 15 Apr 2014

Golden Veroleum Liberia on Saturday, 12 April began rehabilitating a 17-kilometer stretch of road linking Behwan to Garraway Beach in Grand Kru County. When completed, citizens and other residents will easily commute to and from farm to market, national and local functions.

Citizens of Sinoe County Pledge to Work With Golden Veroleum Liberia
Brazil Sun, 20 Mar 2014

The people of Sinoe County say they are now convinced that the Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) investment in the county is beneficial and have therefore pledged to work with the company's oil palm development. According to an Executive Mansion release, the assertion was contained in a Statement read on their behalf by Rev. D. Lasanna Seqeh to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during a visit to GVL oil palm plantation in the county on Monday, March 17. In their Statement, the citizens said the realization of the true intent of the investment comes in the wake of an initiative by President Sirleaf to explain in detail, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the benefit to their communities including their rights to their land and the company's rights to the concession area as contained in the Concession Agreement between the GVL and the Liberian Government.

Sinoe Youth Hails GVL
New Dawn, 11 Mar 2014

The youth of Kulu-Shaw-Boe District in Sinoe County has applauded Golden Veroleum Liberia for adhering to a high level of Free, Prior and Informed Consent or FPIC in the district. He also hailed the company for taking development to the district.

Tubman Students Encouraged to Reach for Agricultural Greatness
Heritage, 10 Mar 2014

Making remarks at the annual William V.S. Tubman University Career Day, 21 Feb, Golden Veroleum Career Development and Education Manager, Mrs. Jean Hannah-Thompson, encouraged students to focus on the needs of the country by studying agriculture, agronomy and engineering.

Tubman University Students Challenged to Agricultural Greatness
New Dawn, 10 Mar 2014

Students of Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County have been encouraged to reach for agricultural greatness. Making remarks at the annual William V.S. Tubman University Career Day recently, Golden Veroleum Career Development and Education Manager, Mrs. Jean Hannah-Thompson, encouraged students to focus on the needs of the country by studying agriculture, agronomy and engineering.

GVL Welcomes Clarity From Kulu Clan Talks
All Africa, 13 Feb 2014

At a Kulu clan meeting held in Sinoe, 12 February 2014, and chaired by the Liberian Environmental Protection Agency, there was a community vote, which overwhelmingly affirmed support of Golden Veroleum Liberia's (GVL) investment plans in Tarjuowon Statutory District and on Kulu land.

GVL Rehabilitates Greenville-Lexington Road
New Dawn, 31 Jan 2014

Residents of Lexington Township in Sinoe County, are relishing the free flow of goods and services as a result of a major rehabilitation project undertaken by Golden Veroleum Liberia. The rehabilitation, which started on 11 January 2014, involved an eight-kilometer road constructed by GVL based on request from the people of Lexington Township.

Butaw Youth Association Refutes Media Report Against GVL
Microscope, 24 Dec 2014

The Butaw Youth Association has refuted reports made in two local dailies. According to a press release, reports published in the New Republic and Activist Newspaper on December 23, 2013 that members of the association were planning to demonstrate against the operation of Golden Veroleum-Liberia in Butaw District, Sinoe County is untrue. The release furthered that the two personalities contacted by the local dailies, Stanley Nimely, and Edward Tarpeh are non existing members of Butaw Youth Association and the threat of planned demonstration is false and misleading. The youth group's release said that they were disappointed in the reportage of both papers that failed to contact the association for its version of the story. The Butaw Youth Association press release disclosed that the two quoted in the local dailies are not members of the association nor are they residents of Butaw District, Sinoe County. The Butaw Youth Association release furthered that no member have and will ever plan to stop the operation of Golden Veroleum in Butaw District or anywhere in Sinoe County. They disclosed that the two individuals contacted in the stories were not part of the meeting with Cllr. Brownell and challenged the two to produce evidence of their membership. Meanwhile, the Spokesman of the Butaw Youth Association, Mr. Chea B. Blamoh, told the gathering that they will engage the management of Golden Veroleum to provide the response to Cllr. Brownell's version of the draft.  

China Development Bank Official Visit GVL Operation
New Dawn, 3 Dec 2013

A four-member China Development Bank delegation, headed by Yimei Yin, Commissioner for International Cooperation, visited Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) operational sites this past week. The visit is aimed at finding out the prospects GVL is taking in rural communities in the Liberian southeast.

GVL Rehabilitates Damaged Greenville-Butaw Highway
New Dawn, 27 Nov 2013

In an effort to providing free movement of goods and services for residents of Sinoe ahead of the festive season, Golden Veroleum Liberia has begun the rehabilitation of the most talk about and heavily damaged 19 kilometer Butaw-Greenville Highway. According to the Sr. Regional Controller of Golden Veroleum Liberia, Jeffery Benzin, the effort is GVL's own way of wishing Sinoean and Liberians happy and Merry Christmas. We want to see that the lives of people in our operational areas are improved. So we will always help them grow," Said Benzin.

Golden Veroleum Constructs Clinic in Kpanyan
New Dawn, 25 Nov 2013

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is constructing a modern ten room medical facility in Kpanyan, Sinoe County as part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility and development campaign. The clinic under construction is intended to address the rising health needs of employees and their dependents in the communities.

GVL Turns Over New Toilet Facilities
New Republic, 25 Nov 2013

In order to guard against environmental pollution and the outbreak of diseases such as cholera and diarrhea, the management of Golden Veroleum Liberia has turned over to members of the GVL Wakefield Nursery Marketing Association toilet facilities. At the turning over ceremony held at the project site recently, the Community Affairs and Social Sustainability Manager of Butaw, Mr. McDonald Wlemus, Jr. cautioned the leadership and would be users of the facility to consider it as their own and give it the treatment it deserves.

Tarjuowon, GVL Sign Social Agreement
New Dawn, 12 Nov 2013

Golden Veroleum Liberia and the people of the Tarjuowon Statutory District in Sinoe County have signed a social agreement. According to a press release, under the agreement, Golden Veroleum Liberia will construct schools, clinics, hand pumps, houses as well as rehabilitate roads, run adult literacy schools and prioritize Tarjuowon citizens for employment opportunities.

GVL Sends Out Seven Liberians Abroad - for Master's in Mill Engineering
The Informer, 31 Oct 2013

Seven Liberian engineers will leave the country today for Indonesia, where they will take graduate studies in Mill Engineering under the full sponsorship of Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), a giant oil palm company. The beneficiaries of the GVL international scholarship program are expected to return to Liberia in about two years to take up managerial positions at the company, construct and run mills, and contribute to the rebuilding of Liberia.

Liberian Engineers Off to Indonesia - As Part of GVL Scholarship Scheme
New Republic, 31 Oct 2013

Several recently hired Liberian engineers received a big send off during a luncheon in their honor sponsored by Golden Veroleum Liberia, at the Royal Hotel, Tuesday, 29 Oct. Edward Howard, Kokolu Kpanawu, S. Nyemah Kreejardiah, Joseph Garwor, Armah Kimba, Theophilus Kambo, and Aloysius Kambo Jr. will undertake their journey with the full support of GVL and their families and friends. Scheduled to leave within the coming week each of the engineers will be receiving the opportunity of a lifetime and will be representing their nation during an historic internship in Jakarta, Indonesia for the next year. Sponsored by Golden Veroleum, the engineers will learn the oil palm business inside and out and learn from their Indonesian counterparts.

Golden Veroleum Donates US$100k to MoA as Scholarship Fund for Agro Students
The Independent, 16 Oct 2013

One of Liberia’s billion dollar investment companies, Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) has presented a check of US$100,000.00 to the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) to provide scholarships for deserving Liberian students reading agriculture at various institutions of higher learning across Liberia. Making the presentation yesterday, October 15, 2013, Madam Jean D. Hannah-Thompson, Manager of Career and Education Programs of GVL, said this is the fourth (4th) check presentation done by GVL since 2010 as a way of building the capacities of students who are pursuing their education in agricultural sciences.

GVL Provides U.S.$100,000 Check for Agriculture Students
New Dawn, 16 Oct 2013

Golden Veroleum Liberia, an agriculture company cultivating oil palm in Sinoe County, southeastern Liberia, has donated a check for US$100,000 to officials of the Ministry of Agriculture here for college students majoring in Agriculture. The donation, which was made on Tuesday in the conference room of the Agriculture Ministry in Gardnerville, suburb of Monrovia, is in continuation of a US$ one million grant for scholarships commitment to the people of Liberia through the concession agreement.

Golden Veroleum Presents U.S.$100,000
The News, 16 Oct 2013

As part of its corporate social responsibility to the people of Liberia, the management of Golden Veroleum Liberia has presented a symbolic check for US$100,000 to the Ministry of Agriculture for scholarship for students in the agriculture sector.

Sinoe University Student Union Presents GVL Its Highest Honor
New Dawn, 1 Oct 2013

The Sinoe University Student Union (SUSU) presented Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), Monday, 30 Sept., its highest honor for past support of student originally from the Sinoe County area. Bernard Jargbah, the SUSU student body president presented the award to Jean Hannah-Thompson, GVL's manager for career and educational programs.

Sinoe University Student Union Honors GVL
New Republic, 1 Oct 2013

GVL Career and Education Programs Manager, Jean Hannah-Thompson accepts the Sinoe University Student Union Certificate of Appreciation at the Company Headquarters, Monday. The Sinoe University Student Union (SUSU) presented Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), Monday, 30 Sept., its highest honor for past support of student originally from the Sinoe County area. Bernard Jargbah, the SUSU student body president presented the award to Jean Hannah-Thompson, GVLs manager for career and educational programs.

Butaw Citizens Ease Pressure on GVL
New Republic, 25 Sep 2013

The intense pressure bore on the Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), an oil palm company operating in Sinoe County, is about to dissipate due to the expression of willingness by citizens of Butaw District, to withdraw their complaint against the company.

Golden Veroleum Liberia Launches Primary School
Nordic Africa News, 24 Sep 2013

As part of its commitment to quality education GVL will provide books and furniture and has already hired teachers in consultation with the Liberian Ministry of Education. But that educational pillar extends beyond building and furnishing the school. GVL Managing Director, Matti Karinen, indicated during his speech that GVL is here in Liberia, not simply for business, but to bring prosperity to the people of Liberia. ìWe want to use this primary school education to help Liberians become the managers of GVL and we want them to one day be able to go to other places with their expertise. I see one day Liberians going to Nigeria to teach Nigerians, I see Liberians going to Cameroon to teach Cameroonian’s. That will be a great day for Liberia.

GVL Conducts Operational Safety Training
New Dawn, 24 Sep 2013

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) an oil palm company has completed an initial seven-day operational safety course in chainsaw and brush cutter operations in Kpayan, Sinoe County. According to a press release issued by the company, the workshop seeks to develop the knowledge and skills of chainsaw and brush cutter operators in Kpayan. The training, which was initiated by Mr. Piet Moolman of GVL's Land Preparation Department, brought together 10 participants from the heavy machinery and maintenance workshop.

GVL Associates Receive Operational Safety Training
New Dawn, 24 Sep 2014

Workshop safety students from the Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) workforce recently completed their initial seven-day operational safety course in chainsaw and brush cutter operations in Kpanyan. The workshop seeks to develop the knowledge and skills of chainsaw operators, maintenance and brush cutting techniques, as well as the use of personal protective equipment. The training, which was initiated by Mr. Piet Moolman of GVLs Land Preparation Department, brought together ten participants from the heavy machinery and maintenance workshop. So far this year, GVL has conducted five workshops, including two in Kpanyan, two in Butaw and one in Sorroken. Additional courses conducted by GVL include, supervisor safety and responsibility, and chemical safety training. 

Butaw Citizens, Golden Veroleum Move Forward
In Profile Daily, 23 Sep 2014

Citizens of Butaw District, Sinoe County have decided to withdraw their complaint brought against Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) in 2012. Though the complaint had caused the company to slow its operation, it has vigorously sought to communicate effectively with stakeholder communities by committing to the full implementation of Free Prior Inform Consent, also known as FPIC.  As a result of Golden Veroleum’s efforts, the people of Butaw have gotten an understanding of the workings of GVL, and what their respective communities stands to benefit from the presence of the company in the area. 

GVL to Employ 40,000 Inhabitants - Reconciles With Butaw
Front Page Africa, 20 Sep 2013

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), now operating in Sinoe County has disclosed that it is preparing to hire 40,000 once it resumes operations in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties. "We have about 1800-1900 employees presently in Butaw, Sinoe County and if we split our future goal of 40,000 employees between Sinoe and Grand Kru, we are talking about 20,000 employees per county", says Vigil Magee, Head of Communication. "GVL is not merely an oil palm company because the investment that we are willing to put into the Liberian economy, is about 1.6 billon dollars that will translate into direct and indirect benefits for Liberian citizen."

GVL Opens School in Butaw
New Dawn, 10 Sep 2013

Over 200 children in Butaw, Sinoe County where expected on Monday, to begin registration at the Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) First Primary School for academic year 2013/2014 on September 9, 2013. The institution, at which the (GVL) received and attested to establish and provide quality Education for Children of GVL's employee is situated at the heart of the company's Wakefield Nursery in Sinoe County.

Supporting Education - a GVL Priority
New Republic, 2 Sep 2013

Since 2010 Golden Veroleum Liberia has helped over 500 Liberian university students further their education by initiating agricultural scholarships. Thanks to the GVL scholarship program, students have gone on to achieve accomplishments they otherwise would not have had the opportunity to achieve.

GVL, Partner to Bring Mobile Phone Coverage to Butaw
New Dawn, 2 Sep 2013

At least 650 million people in Africa -- more than half the continent's population -- are mobile users. That number continues to skyrocket; just 10 years ago, it was around 54 million. These devices not only help friends and family stay in touch; they are vehicles for commerce, education, development and innovation. For the past decade Liberia has put forth efforts to rebuild itself, and for the first time residents of Butaw will be able to make mobile phone calls on a consistent basis. Golden Veroleum and partner Lonestar Communications recently placed a communications tower at GVLs Wakefield Nursery. With GVL providing the land and the electricity, Butaw residents will be able to make phone calls 24/7.

GVL Announces Restructuring in Butaw
30 May 2013

MONROVIA - Regrettably, GVL must announce a reduction in its workforce by 500 personnel in Butaw. In recognition of the communities that have provided land for oil palm development, GVL has undertaken to maintain the employment opportunities of members of these communities and of those living closest to its areas of operation. GVL’s Senior Manager Human Resources, Mr. Eric Goll, said, “We take our responsibility as a large employer in Liberia very seriously and fully appreciate the effect this workforce reduction will have in Butaw, an area with very low levels of formal employment. Reduction of employees is a last resort.

“We have undertaken to provide more than required under the law to affected employees, including the issue of a 50kg bag of rice to each individual, irrespective of whether they meet the requirement under union agreements.”

He also noted that, “in oil palm farms, the size and location of a workforce and the training opportunities provided is directly related to the location and area of land that a company is permitted to develop. 

Through constructive engagement with communities, NGOs and other stakeholders, GVL will look to grow in accordance with its long-term plans. It remains GVL’s aim to fully develop its concession, which at maturity will employ up to 40,000 Liberian citizens in a wide range of skilled and unskilled employment.

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