MONROVIA – Golden Veroleum Liberia says its headquarters will fully move to Sinoe end of July 2017 with several staff members in Monrovia reassigned to headquarters office in Sinoe and sub offices in Grand Kru County. GVL will maintain a representative office in Monrovia.

GRAND KRU COUNTY, Liberia – More than 200 students in Wedabo-Gbanken Community and its surroundings are enjoying a modern elementary school recently constructed and dedicated by Southeastern Liberia’s biggest oil palm company, Golden Veroleum Liberia. The four-classroom elementary school is part of GVL's ongoing commitments to support the development of local communities in Grand Kru through education and other basic social services.

GRAND KRU COUNTY, Liberia – More than 120 citizens of Grand Kru County were treated during week-long free surgical operations conducted by the Liberia Surgical Outreach Program (LISOP) with sponsorship from Golden Veroleum Liberia at the Rally Town Hospital in Grand Cess, Grand Kru County.

During the operations, individuals with various illnesses including hernia, hydroceles, goiters, uterus, and fibroids were treated. The program which exceeded its target of 100 persons included pre- and post-surgical treatment, feeding of patients and transportation of targeted beneficiaries to and from their respective villages and towns by Golden Veroleum Liberia.

Attached is GVL’s full response to Global Witness’ October report on GVL and the socio-economic report they commissioned by Sync Consult. This report is a follow-up to the preliminary response which was published in late October on our website [LINK].


MONROVIA – As a company committed to responsible oil palm development and with a long-standing policy of no-deforestation, Golden Veroleum Liberia endorses and supports the commitments made at COP22 under the Marrakesh Declaration for the sustainable development of the oil palm sector in Africa, signed on 16 November 2016. The declaration is aligned with our no-deforestation Forest Conservation Policy implemented across our operations in Liberia. 

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