As a business, GVL is a member of the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), and always seeks to comply with its principles and criteria.

A-Bloteh and GVL May joint working session to review agreed draft documents, conclude resolutions on a number of the issues raised and agree on further steps.

In the April 2013 consultative meeting between A-Bloteh and GVL, several joint roadmaps and standard operating practices were agreed to be developed, to be reviewed jointly over the progress of the engagement.

The April 2013 consultative meeting between A-Bloteh and GVL jointly explored views and statements by the working parties, and reached 10 resolutions and action points. These resolutions are to be followed through over the coming months.

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) has today received an independent assessment from The Forest Trust (TFT) into GVL’s community engagement in Sinoe, Liberia. The assessment was jointly agreed by GVL, The Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) and Green Advocates (GA).

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