GRAND KRU COUNTY, Liberia – Oil palm giant Golden Veroleum Liberia has dedicated three newly constructed public schools in Grand Kru County and rehabilitated two more as part of its ongoing commitments to support the development of local communities. The schools include three classroom kindergarten/ elementary schools in Ylatwen and Big Town, and a six classroom elementary school in Piddy/Nyanbo. GVL rehabilitated a six classroom school in Beloken in Trembo District, and Wutuken in Wedabo District.

MONROVIA – A group of 109 students from the Agricultural College of the United Methodist University in Gbazon Town, Juarzon Statutory District, Sinoe County are currently benefiting from vacation jobs provided by Golden Veroleum Liberia over a period of two months in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties. The students are assigned to suitable job roles in Butaw, Kpanyan, Tarjuowon, Tartweh and Nitrain in Sinoe and in Sorroken, Wedabo and Garraway in Grand Kru County.

MONROVIA – An American teacher, Elizabeth Johnson, and her community has through Oil Palm developer Golden Veroleum Liberia donated 102 cartons of books to 14 schools in Butaw, Juarzon, Tarjuowon, Numopoh, Tartweh and Nitrain communities in Sinoe County. The move seeks to help communities develop a learning environment where requisite books are available to improve the learning capacity of children.

MONROVIA – Golden Veroleum Liberia strongly rejects the suggestion that it had applied for "a permit to allow logging for export in its Concession Area" as suggested in the Front Page Africa article of 11 July 2016 titled "Liberia's Forest in Danger - International conservationists Alarm".

At no stage has GVL sought, or proposed, to deforest agreed forest conservation areas for Oil Palm development. It has stated on several occasions that it will never sell timber from within its concession area for profit. GVL made a request to the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) on behalf of one community to permit the community to collect logs from an area that had already been agreed for development of oil palm. 

MONROVIA – As a means of fulfilling its commitments under a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Tartweh and Nitrian communities in Sinoe County, Oil Palm developer Golden Veroleum Liberia, on 24 June 2016, donated medical and non-medical supplies to the Tubmanville and Kabada clinics in Kpanyan statutory district, Sinoe County.

Materials donated include two generators, drums of fuel, medicines and a check to support vaccination campaigns at both clinics. These supplies will strengthen the ability to meet the public health services in both communities. According to the Memorandum of Understanding, GVL agrees to support a community clinic in each of the communities until a GVL medical center is constructed and staffed with well-qualified medical personnel.

Monrovia – More than 300 Citizens of Du–Wolee and Nyennue communities, including  youth, elders, women’s groups, district and county authority representatives welcomed agreement being reached for Golden Veroleum Liberia’s (GVL) Oil Palm operations to come to the area after more than 3 years of negotiation. This was confirmed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding incorporating a Social Agreement on 11 June 2016 in Panama, Du-Wolee Nyennue Township, Kpanyan Statutory District, Sinoe County.

It is anticipated that the signing of this land development agreement with GVL will provide more than 200 jobs for the Community’s citizens and other eligible persons. In addition, the agreement provides for the construction and rehabilitation of roads, schools and hand pumps, as well as other social benefits.

MONROVIA – Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) has ended three-day Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems training for 40 community members from 24 host communities in Trembo, Wedabo-GrandCess, Garraway and Barclayville Districts in Grand Kru.The training covered the basic functions of GPS and the use of it as a survey tool for mapping. Participants were trained to identify satellites, give location, track distances, take point to point navigation, calculate area, distance and to save and record taken coordinates.

MONROVIA  Golden Veroleum Liberia strongly rejects allegations of child labor by the company as contained in recent news report published by Daily Observer Newspaper title “Advocate Demands Justice for Children” and the New Dawn Newspaper report titled “Liberian Children Alarm Danger” published on 25 and 18 May 2016.

GVL policies are clear; we don’t hire children at all. GVL makes similar requirement of its subcontractors and suppliers, and works to monitor their workforces.

A Start for Modern Oil Palm Factories in Southeast Liberia

MONROVIA – It was a joyous and colorful day for citizens of Tarjuowon and Sinoe as one of Liberia’s biggest private sector employers, Golden Veroleum Liberia, dedicated a mini mill on 19 April 2016 in Tarjuowon Statutory District, Sinoe County, with Vice President Joseph Boakai gracing the occasion as key note speaker.

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