MONROVIA - On September 10, 2015, The GVL School in Butaw received 13 laptops from Innovative Education Liberia’s (IEL) Samuel Morris Scholars Program, an international charity organization committed to improving education in Liberia. Partnering with GVL since 2014, the organization launched its computer-based learning program targeting over 700 schools, three universities, 2,800 teachers and 135,000 students.

The Samuel Morris Scholars program is named in honored of a Liberian prince, from what is now Sinoe County, who made his way to the United States and studied at the then faltering Taylor University in Indiana. The prince, whose birth name was Kaboo (1873-1893), left Liberia in 1891. At the time Taylor University was on the verge of bankruptcy. According to University staff Morris’ life, once written and published in book form sold enough copies to keep the University afloat.

MONROVIA – Oil palm developer Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) and NGO Building Markets have partnered to bring occupational skills training to the rural Liberian areas of Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties. Building Markets is providing training to local residents to equip them to take advantage of employment opportunities with GVL or other extractive firms and large companies, or within these companies’ supply chains.

The training partnership initially will include local programs for media personnel and carpenters, but may be expanded in the future depending on needs of the company and budget approvals. Building Markets implements these programs as part of its Humanity United-funded Supplier Diversity Project (SDP). SDP aims to decrease the potential for violence in communities where extractive firms operate by providing the skills necessary to integrate small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individuals into extractive supply chains.

Monrovia - Golden Veroleum Liberia extends its appreciation to the Independent National Commission on Human Rights for the investigation into the cause of the May 26th, disturbance at its Butaw Estate in Sinoe County. During the investigation the INCHR representatives interviewed community residents, GVL staff and individuals involved in the disturbance.

INCHR in its report concluded certain findings, however, certain information appears to have been excluded. According to the report On Sunday, May 24, 2015, the Butaw Youth Association addressed a letter to a visiting GVL investor requesting an immediate meeting.

The initial letter was received from BYA was dated May 24, 2015. GVL responded the same day indicating that senior management was in the midst of an internal workshop and requested that the meeting be postponed for a later date.


Golden Veroleum Liberia Responds to Global Witness Report

GVL strongly refutes the allegations contained in the Global Witness (GW) report regarding our operations in Liberia. We recently met with GW in London to respond to 20 draft assertions submitted to us for comment ahead of the report publication. Our responses are publicly available on our website: 2015-07-08 GVL Information to Global Witness Assertions

GRAND COUNTY KRU, Liberia (July 20, 2015) – Golden Veroleum Liberia Senior Managing Director Matt Karinen has reaffirmed his company’s support and commitments to enhancing Liberia’s educational sector and has highlighted the economic and positive social impacts of oil palm industry in Liberia.

Using the occasion marking the second graduation ceremony of 130 students with bachelor of science degrees from the William V.S. Tubman University held Saturday, July 18, 2015 at the St. Teresa Cathedral Catholic Church in Harper, Maryland, Karinen congratulated the class for its achievements while recommitting GVL’s continued support and partnership with the university.

GRAND COUNTY KRU, Liberia (July 20, 2015) - Golden Veroleum Liberia has increased its workforce in Grand Kru with the recruitment of additional batch of 16 locals in Ylatwen, and Wedabo-Grandcess Administrative District and with the employment of 6 Administrative Staffs in Sorroken and Garraway in Trehn Statutory District.


MONROVIA – During the incident May 26, 2015, against GVL employees and property two employees received injuries leading to hospitalization, several others were treated locally, employee housing was broken into, vandalized and their private property stolen. Company rice warehouse, storing rice that is part of May wages, was forced open and looted. Currently LNP has declared the site a crime scene and GVL considers the Butaw farm to be in a Force Majeure situation due to employee security and the damage.

MONROVIA - Recent comments by Liberia’s Vice President Dr. Joseph Boakai towards Golden Veroleum Liberia Liberianization policy have been welcomed by the Oil Palm Company.

GVL notes that despite challenges in infrastructure conditions coupled with the Ebola outbreak effects on its operation, as well as currently still evolving national regulations, GVL will continue to work closely with government and local communities to achieve its oil palm objective by providing benefits to communities through employment, small business opportunities and sustained rural development.

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