Response to Greenpeace Press Release

1. Greenpeace has published a statement on 13 November 2014 titled "Palm Oil Giant GAR Needs to Step Up Efforts on Social, Environmental Commitments.” and which references GVL and to which GAR has responded. [Click here for GAR statement]

2. GVL is a committed long-term investor in Liberia and asserts its commitment to the RSPO principles and criteria and to GVL’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) and Social and Community Engagement Policy (SCEP) available on our site []


SINOE COUNTY, Liberia - Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU) Sinoe County Coordinated, Cephus Nyenwleh, recently applauded Golden Veroleum’s anti-Ebola efforts in Butaw, Tarjuowon and Kpanyan Statutory Districts. Nyenwleh said GVL’s position in the fight of the Ebola virus in Sinoe is the epitome of the actions of a good development partner. “I didn’t expect GVL to go this far, but they have gone out of their way to ensure that Sinoe is educated,” said Nyenwleh. “There is an old saying, that a friend who is by you during your time of trouble is your best friend, GVL has stayed here with us and that is what I call a friend.”

MONROVIA – Corporate and commercial firms have banded together to better coordinate efforts to eliminate Ebola in Liberia. The group, calling itself, the Ebola Private Sector Mobilization Group (EPSMG), recently formed with the intent to support the Government of Liberia and the Liberian people during this time of crisis. 

MONROVIA – The Liberian Government recently signed a pledge with Norway to work toward a complete stoppage of deforestation by 2020. Under the agreement Liberia will become the first nation in Africa to do so. The management of Golden Veroleum Liberia supports such a decision and views it as a valuable step in preserving the nation’s diverse rainforest through no deforestation policies and sustainable development.

SINOE COUNTY, Liberia – Golden Veroleum’s Ebola Task Force (Kpanyan) Sep 9th, instituted a compulsory Ebola training for employees stationed there. The two-week educational workshop is intended to expose every single employee to the fundamental knowledge to decrease the possibility of the deadly virus spreading to GVL operational areas and surrounding communities. 

SINOE COUNTY, Liberia – Golden Veroleum recently announced changes in its junior management structure by promoting additional managers and increasing their responsibilities in order to create a pathway for a future Liberian-run company. As part of these changes, Pascal Kelgbeh, Prince Lomo, Jaryee Kelgbeh, Kerpo Kambleh, Doe Morris, Ben Geekoh will add more responsibilities to their roles as new assistant managers for operations at the company’s Kpanyan Estate. Additionally, Joe Flahn has been promoted to the assistant manager, transportation role, while; Chris Quarthy takes over as assistant manager for operations, both at the Butaw Estate. 

SINOE COUNTY, Liberia — In addition to several awareness campaigns to minimize the spread of Ebola in its concession communities, Golden Veroleum Liberia on 5 Sept kicked off an Ebola awareness roadshow in Sinoe County. The roadshow, which began with the Grigsby Farm community, will cover five additional communities in Butaw including David Town, Tuoh, Compound, Snogbay and Bloah.


SINOE COUNTY, Liberia - As part of GVL’s commitment to respond to some fundamental services in its operational areas, she has officially turned over three rehabilitated hand pumps to Del-Kilo City in Numopoh on Sept 1, in Sinoe. GVL Asst. Manager for Community Affairs Roosevelt Wleh pledged GVL’s commitment and support to uphold the social agreement by helping to provide safe drinking water and basic services to the people who are the custodian of the land maintain good working relations with the citizens and residents.

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