GRAND KRU, Liberia - Citizens of Po-River Chiefdom and Golden Veroleum Liberia on Friday, 22 Aug 2014, signed a provisional memorandum of understanding and social agreement in Grand Kru County at the bank of the Trehn River. By affixing their signatures and thumbprints to the agreement, the citizens officially signified their desire to build development in their areas. The MOU allocates more than 3,000 acres for oil palm development. 

SINOE COUNTY, Liberia – Citizens of Duwolee Nyennue Township comprised of traditional leaders, including, women groups, youth and elders, 25 Aug, in Panama Town; presented their MOU inputs to Oil Palm developer Golden Veroleum Liberia.

In a special meeting, with more than 200 in attendance, the Township Commissioner Ramsay Snoh on behalf of his citizens presented the inputs to GVL Kpanyan Estate Regional Controller Manohyaran Pillai.


SINOE COUNTY, Liberia – In building the capacities of its Liberian workforce, Golden Veroleum Liberia, graduated seven Liberian trainees to full heavy machine operators at its Kpanyan Estate, 29 Aug 2014. 

The training, taken over the course of a year, totaled 800 hours, which included operations in multiple environments. 

MONROVIA – In an effort to protect rare and endangered species, GVL has issued a new policy for it employees and contractors, which aims to effectively eliminate the illegal hunting animals protected under Liberian law in its operational areas.

SINOE COUNTY, Liberia – Citizens of Butaw Administrative District recently nominated officers to administrate its Community Development Fund with Golden Veroleum Liberia. Under the terms of the GVL Concession Agreement, Community Development Funds are to be formed in agreement with local communities.

SINOE COUNTY, Liberia – Golden Veroleum’s communication department initiated a door-to-door awareness campaign in Butaw today to combat the spread of the dreaded disease. The campaign is intended to compliment other efforts currently being implemented by the company.


GRAND KRU COUNTY, Liberia - Golden Veroleum Liberia on Friday, 15 August 2014 signed two separate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with citizens of Beloken, Ylatwen and Gbanken, Wedabo-Grand Cess District, Grand Kru County. By signing the MOU, the people expressed their willingness to work with GVL for developing approximately 5,110 acres for Oil Palm development. To this end, Gbanken is contributing 1,743 acres, Ylatwen 1,923 acres and Beloken 1,446 acres. 


SINOE COUNTY, Liberia – In the wake of the widely spread Ebola Virus in Liberia, Golden Veroleum has begun the scanning of her employees on 21st of August before the commencement of work in Kpanyan to ensure all workers are normal in temperature. Over seven hundred employees at the company’s Kpanyan Estate are now routinely scanned at security checkpoints and all entrance points prior to starting their daily work. The scanning devices used by GVL’s Health and Safety Department automatically calculates the normal temperature of an employee on the forehead with 37.6-Celsius degrees considered to be an above normal reading. 

SINOE COUNTY, Liberia - McDonald Wlemus, GVL manager of social sustainability and community affairs, is heading a week long vigorous Ebola consciousness and awareness campaign in Butaw District, Sinoe County.The exercise is targeting 22 communities in the area. So far, ten communities including Grigsby Farm, David Town, Touh, Blaoh, and Butaw Compound have benefited from the awareness effort. According to Wlemus, the goal is to educate and make community dwellers incorporate preventative measures. “GVL loves you. What affects you, affects us and if we work together we can survive this episode,” said Wlemus. “We are inseperable.”

GRAND KRU COUNTY, Liberia - GVL has become the first concessionaire in Grand Kru County to embark upon an anti-Ebola awareness campaign. To that end, the company on Saturday, August 2nd completed a two-day preventive awareness campaign to educate local citizens on the dangers of the virus.

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