MONROVIA - Golden Veroleum Liberia made a cash donation to professional medical association, the Liberian Surgical Outreach Program (LISOP), 23 July 2014, for an upcoming campaign in Sinoe County. On behalf of LISOP, Executive Director, Dr. Lawrence Sherman, graciously accepted the donation intended to provide free medical care to Sinoe residents.

MONROVIA – Golden Veroleum Liberia has partnered with two key media training organizations to build the capacity of local radio stations in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties, with a communications train-the-trainer program in Monrovia, 16-19 July. 

Participating media outlets include Voice of Sinoe, Voice of Grand Kru and Voice of Pleebo community radio stations. Additionally, select staff from Farbric FM, based in Monrovia will attend also.

By Judoemue Kollie

Visiting members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) recently completed a field visit to Sinoe County, Liberia and have proceeded to Grand Kru County. The RSPO team is meeting communities engaged in oil palm development with investor Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL).

GRAND KRU COUNTY, Liberia - With barely a month to the end of the 2013/14 academic year, several illiterate men and women attending Golden Veroleum Liberia’s adult literacy course in Wutuken and Sorroken are fast becoming scholars. Men and women, whom several months ago could not spell their own names are now able to do so.

GRAND KRU COUNTY, Liberia — More than 200 Sorroken, Wutuken, Trembo District, benefitted from free medical service being provided by Golden Veroleum at its nursery in Grand Kru. While malaria accounted for the majority of illnesses, skin infections, asthma and other illnesses were treated as well. 

More than 30 year ago, Patrice Levang, today a Ph.D. and world-renowned researcher and advocate of successful smallholder farming models, arrived in Indonesia at the beginnings of the Indonesian Oil Palm development strategy. The Oil Palm strategy has been economically very successful. There are also many concerns, but Oil Palm has created prosperity among previously poor rural people.

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is developing a sustainable palm oil industry in West Africa, at once meeting growing global demand and lifting a nation out of poverty.

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