Grand Kru County, Liberia — Golden Veroleum Liberia on Wed., 16 April, completed construction of a new bridge over the Korloh Bridge in Trembo Administrative District located in Grand Kru County.

Concession Agreement between Golden Veroleum Liberia and the Government of the Republic of Liberia.

On November 9, 2013, authorized representatives of Clans and Chiefdoms and Communities in Tarjuowon Statutory District, leaders, elders, women's and youth representatives, and numerous endorsing Citizens, more than 600 in number, signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Social Agreement with GVL to engage in Oil Palm development on the communities lands.

Communities have requested speeded up road assistance from GVL, in line of the Memorandum and Agreement signed in November, 2013 with the Clans and Communities across the Tarjuowon District, and further endorsed by signatures of over 600 Citizens living in the areas welcoming GVL.

GVL is informing about road works in Tarjuowon District Sinoe County. The communities of Tarjuowon District which have engaged for development of Oil Palm have also requested road assistance.

GVL has established a Forest Conservation Policy for its oil palm development in Liberia, consistent with its Concession Agreement and with the FCP of GVL’s principal investors. 

Sinoe County, Liberia – Thirty-two Liberian GVL supervisors in Kpanyan recently completed a nine-module farm management course covering several agricultural functions, including; pest control, chemical applications and handling, disease management, weed management, productivity and cost calculations.

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