GVL Conducts Transport Safety Training In Sinoe County

Sinoe County – On 14th June 2019 40 employees of Golden Veroleum Liberia benefited from a day long transport safety training in Butaw District Sinoe County.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop GVL Occupational Health and Safety Manager, William Tweh said the exercise is an internal safety workshop organized for the transport department as a result of the alarming rate of accidents in both Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties. In 2019 6 deaths have been recorded involving 4 internal 2 external contractors.

The training brought together staff from the Workshop Transport Agronomy, Sustainability, Human Resources, Occupational Health and Safety, Warehouse department. It was geared towards providing guidelines and safe operating procedures to GVL  drivers operating vehicles on public roads as well as farm or estate roads, and to improve the knowledge and skills of drivers in safe or defensive driving.

The exercise also communicated the safety road and responsibilities of supervisors and managers as it relates to transport safety to build in methods to control the activities of transport contractors and also to advise contractors on OHS and the need to report every accident.

At the end of the exercise, drivers or operators were able to understand GVL transport policies or SOPs, know the difference between accident and negligence and understand the difference between company and personal liability.

Acknowledging the training, Patrick Nebo, Human Resource Officer for Butaw, applauded GVL for implementing the training and called on his colleagues to apply what they have learned.