Liberia: Butaw Citizens Withdraw Complaint Against GVL

MONROVIA – The Butaw Welfare and Development Association (BWDA) of Butaw District, Sinoe County has officially withdrawn the letter of complaint that was lodged against Golden Veroleum Liberia Incorporated in 2012 which resulted into imposing sanctions on GVL operations in Butaw District since 2012.

In their of withdrawal, the group said, “In furtherance to this, we the complainants with the consensus agreement of the entire citizenry of Butaw District and or Abloteh and or Butaw citizens, do hereby withdraw this complaint previously submitted by the Butaw communities to the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) against GVL and specifically referring to the complaint submitted by the communities of Greenville, Kpanyan and Butaw District of Sinoe County through Green Advocates on 3rd October, 2012,” the citizens stated.

According to the citizens, they are withdrawing the complaint because of the steady discussion and progress the people of Butaw and GVL are making and they are of the conviction that by withdrawing the complaint, employment, peace and development will prevail, and if things are not done to the expectations, they will not hesitate to inform them.

“We sincerely express gratitude to you for the special attention and emphasis placed on our situation that brought about the involvement of The Forest Trust (TFT) and others and believe that it was your strong and prompt advocacy that paved the way for a genuine dialogue between us, (the Butaw citizens and the management of Golden Veroleum Liberia, “citizens expressed joy.

Meanwhile the citizens of Butaw have congratulated President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the great intervention made in Butaw District, Sinoe County.

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