GVL Hires New Staff to Boost Human Resource Department

Monrovia – Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) Inc. has employed two new Liberian staff in its Human Resources and Administration department to improve the strength of the department in Sinoe and Grand Kru counties.

Atty. Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis and Mr. Daniel Nelson Cephus were employed to manage its Human Resources (HR) operations in Sinoe and Grand Kru respectively.

As HR Operations and Administration Manager, Mr. Cephus will supervise, monitor and coordinate the Human Resource Department in GVL and will be stationed in Butaw, Sinoe County having periodic visits to other sites where GVL operates. Mr. Cephus holds a Master’s Degree in Management and other certificates in Human Resources with experiences in HR Management and Administration.

Atty. Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis will supervise, monitor and coordinate the Human Resource Department in Grand Kru County. Atty. Weeks-Lewis holds degrees in Law, Management and Sociology with experience in Human Resources Management.

Over the course of the past ten years of Golden Veroleum Liberia operations in Liberia, the company has transformed from a small operation to major employer in the Liberian Southeast. With over 3,500 Liberians, GVL is poised to become the largest commercial agricultural firm in the country

The exercise is also in line with its Liberianization plans which will see Liberians playing major roles in the company in the next few years,

In addition to the most recently employed, most GVL departments are now headed or run by Liberian staff.  This includes Administration, Legal Affairs, Communications, Human Resources and Community Affairs departments.