GVL Increases Investments in Healthcare

Sinoe County- Golden Veroleum (Liberia) GVL Inc. has embarked on the construction of additional three health facilities valued at US$147,000 at its farm sites in Sinoe and Grand Kru counties to address the basic health needs of employees, dependents and community dwellers. Currently, GVL is providing free healthcare to employees, dependents and the public in its concession areas. The move by the company is also to fulfil its commitment to provide adequate health services to employees and surrounding communities

The construction of the three facilities in Tarjouwon North and South in Sinoe county and Sorroken in Grand Kru county when completed will increase the provision of basic health services to the public. Earlier, GVL constructed two modern health centers valued at US$110,000 in Kpanyan and Garraway respectively and several health posts in Sinoe and Grand Kru with professional health workers catering to the health needs of workers and communities. The company also has four ambulances in Sinoe and Grand Kru counties for emergencies and referral purposes

GVL also spends more than US$10,000 monthly for drugs at these health facilities.

Prior to GVL’s establishment in the southeast of Liberia, citizens residing in these areas lacked accessible healthcare facilities. The lack of clinics at the time posed grave risks especially for the critically ill and pregnant women due to the long distances they had to cover in getting to government clinics and referral hospitals.

GVL has also supported clinics with medical and non-medical materials and compensated staff for services provided to its employees in the absence of GVL clinics.