GVL Media Vendor Policy

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is dedicated to a policy of equal opportunity for all media vendors, printers, publishers, suppliers and agents (“Vendors”). Consistent with GVL’s communications strategies, effective media target audience planning, and efficient media buying practices, GVL policy is to grant equal opportunity to all such media Vendors.

Vendor Management

GVL operates to high standards of integrity, honesty and fair dealing through a lean organization, which produces world-class products. Our suppliers are integral to our continued success and it is essential that they conduct their business in a manner that supports this commitment to strong ethical standards and performance. To this end we aim to develop and maintain value-adding relationships with our media/communications supply base.

General Principles

In dealings with vendors and potential vendors, the GVL Communications Department shall:

Before engaging a supplier, take account of its standards of behavior and avoid dealing with any supplier that might damage GVL’s reputation through its association with suspect or unethical practices. Amongst others, these may include (but not limited to);

  • Inadequate health and safety standards for their employees
  • Infringing internationally accepted standards of workers’ rights
  • Use of child or forced labor
  • Unsound environmental practices
  • Failure to act ethically
  • Failure to comply with relevant laws and regulations

Additionally, as our stakeholder audience has expanded, all print media vendors must maintain an online presence (website).

Before contracting with a supplier the GVL Communications Department shall take appropriate steps in order to eliminate risks of corruption, including;

  • Make suppliers aware of GVL’s Ethical Standards Policy
  • Carrying out due diligence on the supplier proportionate to any identified risks;

GVL Communications Department employs effective processes for procurement, risk management, supplier assessment, communicating with vendors and monitoring their performance, in order to ensure that:

  • We do business with vendors who meet our standards of technical competence, innovation, product quality, reliability, delivery performance and cost
  • Supply of the product or service does not infringe any third party intellectual property rights
  • Where suppliers provide contractors or staff to carry out work at GVL premises, such persons operate in an acceptable and safe manner without undue risks to themselves, GVL employees or others, and the health, safety and other essential arrangements pertaining at the site where they are operating are fully communicated
  • Developing long-term relationships where it is practical to do so
  • Assisting suppliers in their development by assessing their capabilities


  • Requiring our employees to act with integrity at all times when representing GVL with suppliers
  • Ensuring that suppliers are paid in accordance with agreed terms
  • Determining through clear contractual arrangements the ownership of any intellectual property rights arising from the supply of the product/service
  • Avoiding situations that create conflicts of interest for organizations and/or their employees
  • Not tolerating corrupt practices or the acceptance of bribes, other unauthorized payments or inducements from suppliers or potential suppliers
  • Safeguarding the ownership and security of the property and confidential information of the supplier
  • Balance the economic needs to utilize low cost sources with the desire to support local commerce. Where low cost sources are used, they will be subject to all requirements set out above

Vendor Implementation

  • Provide pro forma invoice prior to rendering services, to be delivered to GVL main headquarters office located at 17th Street, Beach Side, Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia
  • Ensuring that invoice is directed to the attention of “GVL Corporate Communications Department”
  • Accept GVL payment distribution terms
  • Name of vendor organization, address and contact details, to include phone number and email address, must be present on invoice
  • GVL Finance Department shall notify vendor when payment is ready, upon which time the vendor must do the following, if payment is delivered by cash or check
    • Vendor representative MUST come to reception desk and inform the receptionist of their name, organization and that they are there retrieve payment
    • Vendor representative MUST have company issued photo identification. If no company issued photo identification is available vendor MUST inform the GVL Corporate Communications Department and GVL Finance Department prior to retrieving check, but representative still MUST present government issued photo identification
    • Vendor representative MUST provide receipt for exact amount of payment


In accordance with Section 806 of the Liberian Tax Law a withholding of six (6) percent shall be withheld for services rendered.

Vendors having questions or requiring additional info may contact the GVL Corporate Communications Department via our Contact page.

Revised: 16 August 2015