Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Inc. Introduces New Chief Executive Officer

MONROVIA– Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Inc. (GVL) has announced the appointment of Mr. Johanes Handojo as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) replacing Mr. Ferdy Surya Handojo who will be stepping down end of January 2023.  Mr. Johanes Handojo has proven experience Agribusiness Industry, such as oil palm plantation and livestock industry bringing over 35 years in Agri Business Industry and Livestock Management.

Speaking after his appointment as a CEO, Mr. Johanes Handojo says GVL envision to be the best, fully-integrated, Africa and global agribusiness and consumer product company – the partner of excellence. He said GVL has an opportunity to become the great oil palm plantation company in Liberia, by working effectively and efficiently and creating value for all our stakeholders in Liberia, Africa and globally. These according to Mr. Johanes Handojo will be made possible if all teams can work together while every personal to upgrade their skill and knowledge. The GVL CEO called on Liberians both employees and others working in GVL to take ownership of the Company.  Mr. Johanes says GVL operations can be measured by its core values of integrity, positive attitude, commitment, continuous improvement, innovation and loyalty, adding that he will uphold such values.

“I strongly believe if Liberians treat GVL as their own, the Company will flourish and it will continue to improve the lives of its employees, its project communities and the Liberian economy. I am here to join the Liberian team leading the organization with the vision to move GVL forward and greater in operation and development. I will work with them and spend more time to stay on operational sites, to build a strong and professional team of Liberians that would move GVL forward. This Country has so much to benefit from oil palm but and can happen if Liberians protect GVL operation and engage the Company constructively”, said Mr. Johanes Handojo.

GVL has developed about 19,000 hectares of palm plantation in both Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties and constructed two operating mills (one mill in Sinoe County and another Joint Venture mill in Maryland County) and a bulking station in Sinoe County where GVL presently operates. In 2010, GVL started exploring opportunities to operate in Liberia with the goal of helping the Liberian Government to improve the lives of its people through the provision of jobs, community development, education and health care delivery. Bearing in mind such commitment, GVL is making hope a reality in the Liberia Southeast with the employment of both skilled and under skilled workers. Up-to-date, Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Inc. is happy to be a user of the Samuel Alfred Russ Port in Greenville, Sinoe County, and the major private sector employer in the Liberia Southeast. About three thousands Liberians are currently in the employment of Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Inc., not counting others that provide services to the Company.