GVL Political and Civic Activity Policy

Policy and Guide to GVL Employees’ Participation in Civic Activities and Community Decision Making

  1. Civic rights. GVL fully supports, in recognizing fundamental civil freedom and rights, our employees’ civic engagement and participation, through individual and collective actions, to consider, discuss, debate and address issues of public concern in their communities of citizenship.
  2. Encouragement. Employees are encouraged to take part as citizens in the discussion and dialogue and decision making of their community, in roles of their own choosing, be it as voters, debaters, organizers, committee members or civic leaders.
  3. Freedom of viewpoint without fear or favor. Employees shall be free to express their opinion and participate without fear or concern for the company’s position, detriment, or benefit. GVL will not discriminate against, dismiss, punish or reprimand any employee for their lawful civic opinions, behavior or decisions. Employees may speak out, without fear for their jobs.
  4. Matters concerning the company. When issues, concerns, debate or decisions making are about community engagement with GVL, employees should have a free and fair right to participate fully and neither accept any discrimination or exclusion for being employees, nor seek any favor for being GVL employees. Employees may give opinions openly and freely in their own names as citizens but no employee is entitled to present themselves as representatives of GVL or representing GVL’s position, unless this is made explicit by authorized company representatives or formal submitted letter.
  5. Peaceful and respectful behavior. GVL emphasizes and expects peaceful and respectful behavior of all participants in civic matters and decision making, without intimidation, harassment, any threats or violence. The company asks all of our employees to be dignified ambassadors of the company’s values and of your role in the company. Do not use pressure or intimidation to get your ideas and views heard.
  6. Employee position, attire and clothing. Employees up to the level of supervisors are free to participate, in any role such as citizen, committee member, or senior committee or board official. Participation in company clothing or attire is allowed, due to economic, practical and social reasons.
  7. Managerial, community affairs and security employees special requirements.Employees of managerial level, community affairs department employees and security at staff or above level, may also participate in civic activities, as citizens, but should recuse themselves from any matters or positions as community representatives in affairs that relate to GVL. Participating as citizens, managerial and community affairs employees may not use company uniforms or attire. Participating as company representatives in such events, company uniforms are allowed.
  8. Security team. GVL security team will not be present in community meetings in their job, unless requested by the meeting for such purposes as discussing security practices, joint security against outsiders, access matters. If the community wants security for a civic meeting due to any concern, it is proper to ask the National Police, not ask GVL. But GVL security team members are allowed to act as citizen volunteers in their off-work periods, on request in such as sports events, festivals and other cultural, non-political events.
  9. Hours. Civic affairs participation is allowed outside of working hours. In exceptional matters, dispensation for working hours may be given by management.
  10. Political activities. GVL has in force a separate policy concerning political activities.