GVL Receives Certificates of Recognition From Tarjuowon Citizens in Sinoe County

Monrovia – The Tarjuowon National Congress (TNC), the Tarjuowon People Association (TAPA) and the local authorities in Sinoe County, representing the populace of Tarjuowon in Sinoe County, have awarded Certificates of Recognition to the Management of Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Inc. (GVL) for its numerous contributions made in the area.

The two certificates were awarded to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GVL Mr. Ferdy S. Handojo and the Vice President for Strategy and Stakeholders Engagement (VPSS) of GVL Mr. Elvis G. Morris for “their good human relations with the Tarjouwon people and fostering harmony and peace and development between GVL and the Tarjouwon Citizens”.

Presenting the certificates during the Grand Lunching Ceremony of Tarjuowon Citizens Engagement Initiative held in Unification city, Sinoe county, the people of Tarjouwon named GVL as “Light in Darkness” for Tarjuowon Community.  They said the arrival of GVL has brought total transformation to their community ranging from employment of community members, infrastructural development, support to health and education to the provision of scholarships and the promotion of Tarjuowon citizens to managerial positions.  The citizens described the presence of GVL as heralding a brighter future for the young generation of the community. They expressed their gratitude to the oil palm company and pleaded with their community to maintain the peace and provide more support for the operations of the company.

Receiving the certificates of recognition on behalf of the awardees, GVL Human Resource Operations and Administration Manager Mr. Daniel Nelson Cephas lauded the citizens of Tarjuowon for recognizing the efforts of the company and emphasized that GVL will continue to work with its host communities to improve livelihoods.  He further encouraged the community to use dialogue and peaceful means in resolving issues.  Mr Cephas urged workers and communities with grievances to request meetings with GVL Management for resolution in order to have a smooth operation.

Also, during the program, GVL General Manager for Sustainability Dr. Michael Abedi Lartey presented a set of PA System/Audio Instruments to Tarjuowon Community on behalf of the Company and advised the community on its proper usage and maintenance.

GVL says its operations can be measured by its core values of integrity, positive attitude, commitment, continuous improvement, innovation and loyalty, which the company upholds.