GVL and RSPO discuss Sustainability Action Plan

GVL is resuming its RSPO membership and is in discussions with the Secretariat to ensure alignment of its sustainability action plan with the directives and expectations of the RSPO complaints Panel.

Sustainability Action Plan

In July, GVL announced plans to reset its sustainability efforts, following a review by incoming CEO Patrice Lobet, and in response to the decisions of the RSPO Complaints Panel.

From late August to mid-September, a 9-person team from The Forest Trust (TFT) and Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), GVL’s main investor, conducted an initial field assessment of GVL sustainability operations.

That assessment informs the Sustainability Action Plan announced on 3rd November. CEO Patrice Lobet said, “This plan seeks to strengthen GVL’s Sustainability operations and ensure compliance to international standards including RSPO Principles and Criteria and also to GAR’s Sustainability and Environmental Policy (GSEP). It will be our roadmap to rebuild confidence in GVL’s commitment to responsible practices.”

Details of the action plan can be found on the GVL website here